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5 Items I Always Pick Up at The Grocery Store

Welcome back to A Pinch of Brunette! Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who read my blog; it means so much to me to have people reading the content I'm creating!

Today I wanted to share 5 items that are staples on my grocery list! I don't pick these things up every single week just because I don't run out of them every week so keep that in mind. These are items though that I always have in our cupboard because they're easy meals or additions to meals! 

5 Items That Are Always In My Cupboard 

1. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a great addition to so many different things! I love adding chia seeds to yogurt, oat balls, doughnuts, smoothies, etc. You can also make chia pudding! Chia seeds have Omega-3's which are so important in our diets especially since most American diets are very high in Omega-6's. 

2. Rolled Oats

I LOVE oatmeal! You can do so much with oatmeal I promise it doesn't have to be boring! I love putting frozen fruit on top of oatmeal in the morning. I've also used rolled oats for oat balls and in meatless meatballs for Kyle's meatball subs. Oats have so many vitamins and minerals and they're a great source of good carbs and fiber!

3. Nut Butter

Peanut, almond, cashew... there are so many different types of nut butters! I love adding peanut butter to my smoothies or oatmeal for a good source of healthy fat. For me, personally, adding healthy fat to a meal really keeps me full and sustains me for a long time. 

4. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are probably the thing I buy the most at the grocery store, I just can't help how much I love these little beans! The main reason I love chickpeas is because not only are they a good source of protein but they're so versatile. I make chickpea "tuna" salad, meatless meatballs, stir fry, chickpea and avocado sandwiches and so much more. Chickpeas are very neutral in flavor so you can really do a lot with them!

5. Spinach 

You probably already know why dark leafy greens like spinach are good for you but I'm here to reenforce it even more! Dark leafy greens have a ton of vitamins and minerals in them which obviously make them amazing for you. Why I prefer spinach to other greens, like kale, is because it is mild in taste so it's easiest to work into your diet. The easiest way to get some spinach down is in a smoothie!  

3 Ways To Get Outside This Spring

Top // Sports Bra // Leggings (pattern not available anymore) // Shoes  

Happy FriYAY everyone! First things first let's not judge my form in these pics, okay?? As I was editing these photos I was like "yikes, girl! I think we need to work on flexibility!" Haha!

Anyways, I am so ready for warm weather so I can take working out outside! Even if I'm not working out I love finding any excuse to be outside when it's warm out. Warm weather makes me motivated to make the most out of my days and take advantage of how beautiful it is outside! Today, I wanted to share three ways you can get outside this Spring!

1. Take Your Workout Outside

We have amazing hikes here in Colorado so on days where I'm not working I love to pick a trail and go! That's not the only way though to workout outside. Other ideas would be to take your strength exercises to a park, go on a walk, run, bike ride, paddle board, etc.

2. Friend Time In The Sun 

Now don't get me wrong I love a good movie night or wine night but when the weather starts to warm up I love spending time with friends in the sunshine! Go grab a smoothie or coffee while sitting outside and chatting, pair tip 1 and 2 together and go on a walk with a friend, go explore a nearby city or town.

3. Try Something New

This is kind of embarrassing to admit but I can't remember the last time I rode a bike... so this doesn't even mean you have to try something you've never done before! This Spring I want to challenge myself to do something I normally wouldn't do like go on a bike ride. I know that sounds kind of silly and simple but I know it's doable! If you've always wanted to run a 5k perfect timing! Or if another town has a cool outdoor activity go on a mini road trip!

If you can't tell I love warm weather and I love being outside so Spring and Summer are my jam! If you try anyone of these tips let me know on Instagram!

XOXO, Maddy  

Checking In With Your Goals

Outfit Details: Top (boutique where I got it is linked but also available here) // Jeans (can't find them online so similar linked) // Mules (similar) // Purse (similar linked, mine is old)

Hey hey! How's daylight savings treating you? I LOVE when the it's lighter out for longer but these first few days of daylight savings can be a little rough!

Back in January I did a post on How To Make Goals You'll Actually Keep, I talked about different tactics to stick with your goals through out the year and making sure you're setting attainable goals. I wanted today's post to be a reminder to check in with yourself and the goals you made earlier this year.

How are you doing so far? Have you been able to cross anything off your list yet?

When you check in with yourself make sure to not come from a place of judgement! Don't speak badly to yourself or compare yourself to where you thought you'd be or where other's may be. Take a look at the goals you made and see which ones you've accomplished, have made strides to accomplishing or need to reevaluate. If there's a goal you've taken steps towards accomplishing think about the next few steps you should be taking. Don't get down if a goal just isn't working or you feel very far from it. It might be a good idea to either reevaluate whether that goal aligns with your life currently or if you need to make it more realistic.

Checking in with yourself throughout the year is so important to accomplishing all of the goals you set for yourself! It prevents from getting to December and feeling bummed you didn't stick with all or certain ones. Also, checking in doesn't have to take a whole afternoon (if it does that's okay too!), even checking in with yourself for 15 minutes is better than nothing!

XOXO, Maddy 

More Plant Based Meal Ideas

Happy Friday!! Who's ready for the weekend!? I'm ready to chilllll outttt, I've been feeling a little off lately so I'm looking forward to relaxing big time this weekend.

Two Monday's ago I did a post on Meatless Monday Recipe Ideas and it went over really well so I thought I'd share some more ideas! All the meals I'm going to share with you all today will be vegan but feel free to make them vegetarian if you're new to this way of eating. Also, I get 85% of my meal ideas from Pinterest so if you want more inspo check out my Yumminess board on Pinterest! Incorporating vegetarian/vegan meals into your week is great because it gives your digestive system a break from animal products and it's fun to change it up!

Plant Based/Vegan Meal Ideas

Hope you guys enjoy!

XOXO, Maddy 

Affordable Spring Shoes

I'm back with a fashion post! This week it has started to warm up in Colorado so I've been pulling out my Spring shoes which haven't seen the light of day in a while. While it isn't sandal season here yet I'm over the booties and other sock needed shoes! The shoes above really inspired this post because they are a great Spring transition shoe and they're under $40 (unfortunately they're unavailable) so I figured I'd share some other Spring shoes that are great deals!

How cute and Spring-y are all of these shoes!?!? These shoes are either from Target or Kohl's which are both places I look at for affordable yet trendy shoes! 

XOXO, Maddy

My Current Favorite Podcast Episodes

Hey everyone! New week and new month, can you believe how fast 2018 is moving or is it just me? I'm so ready for Spring!

Today I wanted to share specific podcast episodes from a variety of podcasts that I've been listening to! I've written two preview posts on podcasts in general, my new favorite podcasts and my top 4 favorite podcasts, but today I wanted to narrow in on specific episodes that have stuck out to me. Recently I have branched out a smidge and listened to new (for me) podcasts with some really interesting people!

Favorite Podcasts Episodes (as of now)

1. Get Real with Shea Leigh Mills (Feb 21 episode)

I had never listened to Caroline Hobby's podcast until her influencer series started with a fave blogger of mine, Shea Leigh. I loved how straight forward Caroline was with her questions yet the conversation felt like a true conversation between friends not an interview. Shea Leigh was also so honest and open which was so appreciated. This podcast would be great if you want to hear more about the in's and out's of blogging!

2. The Balanced Blonde featuring Robyn Youkilis (episode 77)

Robyn is my new wellness crush, she is seriously amazing! I recently became obsessed with Robyn so I've been listening to every podcast she has been on promoting her most recent book, Thin From Within. She really focuses on gut health and healing your body, no matter your problem/s, from the inside out. I highly recommend listening to this podcast to learn more about how you can control your own health.

3. That's So Retrograde with Whitney Cummings (Feb 19 episode)

I'm obsessed with the girls of this podcast because they are so beyond honest and they aren't afraid to talk about things that other's might stray away from basically they're very relatable. To be honest, I'd recommend any episode from them but this episode in particular really stuck with me. What I really loved about this episode, similar to the Get Real episode, it was a conversation between friends about topics on their minds'. It flowed so nicely and I honestly felt like I was just sitting back listening to friends talk about real stuff.

4. The Bitch Bible (episode Valley of The Bitches)

Okay, again another podcast that you could pretty much listen to any episode and enjoy. That being said, this podcast in general is very raunchy so if you aren't into that kind of thing skip this one. But if you don't mind raunchiness get ready to pee you pants laughing. I love Jackie because she is honest and hilarious but on this episode in particular she has on comedian Heather McDonald who is equally honest and hilarious. Sometimes you want to listen to a podcast and learn something while other times you just want to zone out, laugh and talk about unimportant things.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know some of your favorite podcast episodes!

XOXO, Maddy 

Thoughts On My Mind

Dress (not available anymore) // Shoes 

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting on Wednesday but I've been sick this week (finally feeling better!) and while being sick definitely affected me not posting on here or Instagram I've honestly been feeling uninspired lately. I thought maybe I shouldn't talk about how I've been feeling and just carry on with posting like normal but I just couldn't.

My blog is a place for me to share and express that's why I love blogging so much. Unfortunately, I like to put a lot of pressure on myself to "stay in one lane" and just to commit to one topic like fashion or health and wellness but that's just not me. I like to use my blog as a place to express whatever is on my mind maybe that's clothes, health, or just a random thought but for a multitude of reasons I felt like I just had to narrow in on one thing and never waver. Some people are really good at just focusing in on one topic and I tried to be like them but I've realized this week that forcing myself to only talk about one subject makes me feel very very uninspired.

Like I said, I wanted to start a blog because I love to write, create and share so why not just do that instead of putting myself in a box?? To some this may seem so very dumb and obvious like "girl, do you!" but I'm sure others with resonate with this feeling of self imposed pressure and want for perfection. But hey I'm not perfect nor will I ever be, duh!

So I guess here's my blog with no set topic or direction or "lane" but I'm cool with that or at least I'm trying to be haha! Hope you stay for the ride!

XOXO, Maddy