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Happy Monday ladies! This week I'm going to attempt to post 3 times like I did starting out and I really am excited! Today we are discussing all things hair! I have had quite the hair journey (I'll touch on that in a later post); it took probably 2 years to get my hair to this length and now I have just maintained it. My hair grows SO SLOWLY plus in high school I really put it through the ringer. That being said, in high school I was constantly researching the best ways to grow my hair but it probably wasn't until college that I actually put these tips and tricks into use. Today I'm going to share my top 10 tips so ya'll can grow out your hair too!

1. No/Limited Heat
I know this one is so difficult to follow but it really really does make a HUGE difference! In high school I used heat every single day *cringe* on my hair, it was so incredibly damaging. My hair was so fried, dry and damaged. Once I stopped using heat my hair, no joke, my hair did a complete 180. I understand using no heat is a challenge so if you can't do that I highly suggest cutting back. If you can style your hair on Monday and with a little dry shampoo make it last till at least Wednesday or Thursday it will help so much!

2. Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday!
This goes along with not using heat, limit limit limit washing your hair. Again, this can be challenging but you have to train your hair! Start with going every other day then once you have that down go every 2 days and continue. I wash my hair once MAYBE twice a week. I know you're probably thinking that is so gross but I've trained my hair to do this so yes it gets oily but not till the 5th or 6th day.

3. MOISTURIZE **fave shampoo for this here** **fave deep conditioner for this here**
If you are like how I was where you wash and heat style your hair every day your hair needs lots of moisture. My hair used to be so damaged so I used a deep conditioner every time I washed my hair. Not only that, I used moisturizing/repairing shampoo during the growing out process. This helps repair your hair from the outside which is just as important as helping your hair from the outside.

4. Drink Water
Okay I know people give this answer for just about everything haha! Buuttt that is because it really is that helpful. When I started drinking tons of water each day I noticed a huge difference in the hair of my health and my skin! I won't go on and on about this but just know you should be drinking water constantly through out the day! Trust me, you'll notice a difference!

4. Eat Healthy
Again, this is very similar to drinking water and people blab on and on about eating healthy constantly (I'm one of those people lol) but it really is for a reason! Eating nutritious and whole foods makes the biggest difference in your overall health (obvi) but it will greatly impact the health of your hair. While moisturizing from the outside is very important in growing your hair, your insides need to be healthy for everything to work.

5. Wide Tooth Comb
When you get out of the shower be very gentle when brushing your hair. Do not use a brush to brush out your hair! I use a tangle teaser but you can get a $2 wide tooth comb from Target. This helps prevent breakage which you don't want!

6. Root Spray
Back in high school I used a root spray every single time I washed my hair. Now I know some of these can be a little gimmicky but I swear it helped my hair. I feel like root sprays are like leave in conditioners for your roots but they aren't heavy ya know what I mean? I can't really explain the specific benefits but I think it helped nourish my hair a lot. The one I used is not available anymore but here is one that could help!

7. Braids, braids, braids!
Try to limit tight hairstyles while growing out your hair because once again we want to prevent breakage as much as possible! I rely on braids now because it is such an easy hairstyle but while growing out your hair it is a simple way to get your hair out of your face while preventing breakage.

8. Get Trims
I know people have gone back on forth on this for the longest time! I feel though that trimming off the split ends is helpful in growing out your hair. Now I don't think this needs to happen often but occasionally trimming the ends gets rid of spilt ends so they don't keep growing. While growing out my hair I followed Amber Fillerup's hair trimming tutorial which I love because it literally only gets rid of what you need to get rid of!

There ya go guys! My top tips for getting the healthiest and longest hair possible! 
XOXO, Maddy


  1. Love this Maddy! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Glad you liked the post!